Service, Care and warranties

Service and Care contact info

Our warehouse is located in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, from where we send direct deliveries from several brands, and some shipments go directly to customers from the brands' central warehouses. We also handle claims and services in our warehouse.

For service inquiries contact or +358 10 440 9183.

For warehouse inquiries contact or +358 10 440 9183.

Regarding claims:

All our brands strictly monitor quality. Claim rates are low across all our products, but occasionally a defective item might be found. Retailers can contact us in case of claims, and we investigate the product for manufacturing defects.

For consumers, the place of purchase is always the correct address to contact in case of claims.

We investigate all claims with years of experience and brand expertise. Additionally, we always have the option to consult the manufacturer or even send the product to the headquarters for investigation. We always report manufacturing defects found in our markets to the brands so they can further develop the quality of their products. It's important that the process is quick and that our customers get a prompt resolution for the consumer. Many of our brands have their own repair service if the product has broken for reasons other than manufacturing defects. It is always a priority to repair the product so that it can continue to be used for a long time. An example of a repair service is resoling LOWA shoes, meaning when the soles of the shoes have worn out over time and use, a new sole can be attached at the LOWA factory. At Bonge, we also primarily aim to repair minor damages experienced by shoes through skilled cobblers. This saves the environment and extends the life of the products.