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We handle the brand building, sales, distribution. marketing, communication, PR, conceptualization, warehousing and aftersales of our brands with great passion and a big attitude in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and we work with the most skilled retailers, influencers, and all other wonderful people in our field. And a couple of other things too.

In Bonge, we understand that sales are the sum of many factors, closely linked to training, marketing, swift deliveries, and a desire to serve. This attitude, combined with our principals' trust in our operations, has paved our way not only to Finnish markets but also to the distribution of many of our brands in the Baltic markets. Additionally, for gloryfy sunglasses, we are the Nordic headquarters. From a customer's perspective, as a supplier, our advantages include the availability of multiple brands from one source and quick stocking of products from our warehouse.

In our Helsinki, Lauttasaari location, we have the offices and a 1000m2 warehouse as well as approximately 600 square meters of showroom space where each of our brands is displayed in its own area. The purpose of our showrooms is to comprehensively present each brand's selection and enable efficient and easy work with the products. Visiting our showroom is also the most effective way to get a feel for each brand and to gain a good overall picture of the brand. We are constantly building and updating the showroom for our customers and the press, so you are warmly welcome.

We want to tell the story of our brands, offering consumers the opportunity to relate and find new directions and goals in their lives. Our marketing, like all our operations, is long-term, and we do it extensively using various media. Because our brands' consumer base is wide in age distribution, we do not slavishly follow only marketing trends but expand our media selection so that we reach our audience, who want to enjoy quality leisure time, for example, by hiking, walking, golfing, sailing, skiing, cycling, fishing, trekking, moving with a dog, traveling, or yoga. This is a large group of consumers. Therefore, ambitiously, our marketing covers social media, influencer marketing, the press, co-advertising with retailers, POS materials in stores, outdoor advertising, and online marketing. The national accounts we operate on Instagram and Facebook are @jackwolfskin_fi, @sigg_finland,, and @super.natural_finland. Additionally, both channels also have Bonge's accounts through which you can follow our company's activities in real-time because at some point we realized that although our focus is on the visibility of our brands, the Bongecompany's story is closely linked to them, and we want to showcase the people behind all this work. In Bonge, personalities are allowed to shine, and we are proud of our team. Additionally, the story of our family business is the cornerstone of our identity and is also conveyed to our customers, from whom the initial request for Bonge's account originally came.


We have started our own PR operations, which means we inform the press about our novelties and journalists are welcome to visit our showroom and enjoy the new winds of responsible and quality leisure time. Depending on the brand, we are always a year or half a year ahead in the showroom. Our advantage for journalists is that we have many brands under one roof and lending for shooting is straightforward. We also handle product placements for tests ourselves. Influencers are also always welcome to explore upcoming novelties. Bonge is famous for the fact that there is no threshold to come to us and the reception is guaranteed to be warm.

Warehouse, Logistics and Service

Our warehouse is located in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, from where we directly ship products from various brands, and naturally, some go directly to customers from central warehouses. The biggest advantage of our own warehouse is that we can replenish stocks with in-season products. This service we provide is particularly significant for LOWA, SIGG, Gerber, Fiskars, Gloryfy, super.natural, Nebo, True, and Skeeter Hawkin. Our willingness to serve is evident in our readiness to bear the inventory risk ourselves. Another advantage of our own warehouse is also the quick deliveries to the customer. Our own online stores also serve as replenishment warehouses for our retailers.

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Specialized in brand building

There is magic in brands. We love brands that have their own story to tell, products that are high quality relative to their price, and activities driven by sustainable values and a genuine desire to move forward. Bonge Oy has built many brands from scratch for the Finnish market. We know how hard the work is and we are proud that our brands have achieved a permanent and continuously evolving position in the Finnish and Baltic markets. Building a brand is about passion, dedication, and caring for the brand's soul with every cell of our being. We are two generations who have honed our skills and understanding of what pieces need to be in place, when, and how they need to hit the mark in order for the brand to take off. It is not enough for us that our brands perform well for a period of time; we are building sustainable growth and increasing awareness both in our sales and marketing.